Stack emissions monitoring

Biogroup has extensive experience in monitoring stack emissions. He has isokinetic sampler for stacks of any diameter and height.
Biogroup staff is trained to the most difficult and complex challenges. Collecting samples stacks is not a simple issue. This requires knowledge and preparation, plus all the necessary to achieve reliable analysis results delivery.

Biogroup applies the following methods:

Gas Velocity (EPA Method 2)
PM10  (EPA Method 5 and EPA Method 17)
SO2 (EPA Method 6)
NOx (EPA Method 7)
H2SO4 (EPA Method 8)
CO (EPA Method 10)
H2S (EPA Method 11)
Pb (EPA Method 12)
Fluoride (EPA Method 13A)
TRS (EPA Method 15A y 16A)
VOCs (EPA Method 18)
Sanitary Landfill Gas (EPA Method 25C)
HCl  (EPA Method 26 y 26A)
Heavy Metals (EPA Method 29)
Dioxins & Furans (EPA 0023)