Hydrogeological studies

Biogroup has a staff of professionals in the areas of geology and hydrogeology for hydrogeological and geophysical studies in order to assess the state of contamination of soil and groundwater.

Among the usual tasks carried out this team is offered:

Water meters for construction of groundwater monitoring
Conducting soil surveys
Soil and water samplings
Well logging
Geoelectric studies (Vertical Electrical Sounding)
Generating contour maps locating critical points of contamination
Application of models of dispersion of pollutants in surface water
RT3D application model (Software for three-dimensional modeling of transport of dissolved contaminants in groundwater, including chemical reactions)
Application VISUAL MODFLOW model (Software for modeling groundwater flow)
Risk assessment studies for health and the environment according to ASTM E1739 and E2081 standards by RBCA (Risk Based Corrective Actions).