Environmental Impact Studies

The Environmental Impact Study is now a widely used process in the world for planning and project management that ensures human and economic activities comply with the environmental and resource constraints, and has thus become one of the key mechanisms to promote sustainable development.

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of environmental impact studies, these usually involve highly complex and technical information topics: atmospheric, forestry, geological, hydrological, economic, social, cultural, archaeological, paleontological among others.

It turns out to be essential to the formation of a team of specialists to ensure the maximum capacity of relevant knowledge and skills necessary interdisciplinary. This team evaluates the study, in a formal process of interdisciplinary work, in meetings planned work properly.

Biogroup, has to his credit more than 200 studies, not only in Argentina but also in other parts of the world, all of them were approved by the enforcement authorities of each country and many of them recognized by the level of treatment of each of the issues involved.